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STAKE CO. Seeks and creates extraordinary opportunities to generate unique value through an innovative combination of disciplines in the financial, physical and market aspects of real estate. As “expert generalists” we are deliberately engaged across a broad range of real estate methodologies, geographies and product types. In that we are not limited to only one or two avenues for the prosecution of an opportunity, we are allowed to do that “right thing” for the real estate, our clients and partners.


The way we treat and care our investors through our unique protocol.

Skin in the game

STAKE CO. is not an intermediary, we are partners in every project. This ensures accountability from our development partners on behalf of our investors.


We started this company based on one simple premise: we want to give friends and partners access to investments that were previously available to the selected few.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

– Seneca

our process

  • Asset search process and debt diligence
  • Business structuring
  • Collection of funds
  • Asset construction
  • Flip over
  • Land banking or sale
  • Settlement of investment and Delivery of returns

Our strategic partner BANCO AFIRME will be in charge of managing the money



  • 2005

    The Beginning

    Andres started a commercial Real Estate Company called Cabo Realtors with two great partners, they bought, managed and sold a shopping center called Plaza Las Velas, with great digit returns.
  • 2008

    The Crisis

    During this period of time Andres was scouting many great Real Estate opportunities and during this time he bought his first lot in Puerto Los Cabos, this is the time when he started developing.
  • 2011

    The Build

    Andrés Cuenca with his experience built 24 condos and 6 houses in Mexico City.
  • 2013

    GLC Co.

    Andrés with his very good friend and partner Felipe opened a company called GLC a brokerage company that its only focus was to sell destress properties to a Mexican fund.
  • 2016


    Andres and his partners in GLC bought a 4000 sqm lot to develop 24 condos and 7 retail spaces with a great business model for investors.
  • 2018

    Stake Investors

    Andres, during his career in real estate, found out that the great deals in real estate discovered that millioners were the first ones taking advantage of the great deals, that’s when he created Stake Investors, with the purpose of having a group of friends and investors to have access to this opportunities with great returns investing from 10,000 USD, with the same returns that only millionaires have access to.
  • 2019

    Stake Investors expanded into USA

Andrés Cuenca

Founder & CEO of Stake Investors

My first priority is to always serve the needs of my clients and make a strong relationship in order to have a solid communication.



Our multidisciplinary management team is made up of experts from a variety of backgrounds, including real estate, technology, finance, marketing and architecture.

Roberto Higuera
Project Manager

Roberto Higuera

Maria Fernanda Lara
Managing Director

Maria Fernanda Lara

Creative Director

Luzma Moctezuma

Cresencio Atunes

Cresencio Atunes

Margarita Larrañaga


Daniel Serna

Daniel Serna

Everardo Nava

Everardo Nava

Operations Director

María de la barrera

Financial Assistant

Karla Crespo

Project Manager

Ximena Villalobos


Maria Jose Rosales

Technology officer

Gregorio Herrera

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